Because making outdoor advertising a more responsible model is our priority, discover our commitments to remain the 1st advertising network on Taxis and VTCs serving CSR.

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UpTo 40%

emissions avoided with Rainbooh vs a classic Taxi display device. The best CO2 is the one we don't emit.


CO2 emissions from our clients' campaigns are directly offset by Rainbooh. Beyond campaigns, Rainbooh offsets all of its emissions on scopes 1, 2 and 3.


We are convinced that advertising can and must be an ally of the Ecological Transition. However, for communication to be responsible, it must be broadcast on a support that is also. In this sense, we want to act by proposing an environmental and societal performance that meets the most demanding decision criteria of agencies and advertisers without neglecting the intrinsic performance of the media. Rainbooh is a network committed to all three pillars of CSR (environmental, social and societal).


More than 1/3 of the CO2 emissions from a campaign on Taxis/VTCs is linked to the motorization of vehicles, which is why since the launch, Rainbooh has chosen to operate only on 100% electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Development of carbon balances via the Carbo* tool allowing to develop a responsible structure "by design"

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Development of a carbon calculator aimed at integrating CO2 emissions into our commercial proposals to raise awareness among our clients and enable them to know the environmental impact of their campaigns.

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Strong choice since the launch of Rainbooh to offer a display only on 100% electric and hybrid vehicles

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Eco-design: carrying out a Life Cycle Analysis aimed at identifying and understanding the distribution of CO2 emissions over all phases of the implementation of a display campaign. The goal is to reduce the emissions of our devices by modifying our processes and directing our purchases.

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Responsible internal purchasing policy

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Implementation of environmental criteria in the choice of suppliers and service providers

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Energy revaluation of all advertising adhesives at the end of each campaign

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Beyond the emissions linked to Rainbooh's activity, we have made the strong choice to contribute to collective carbon neutrality for our clients' campaigns, thus covering Scope 1, 2 and 3.

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We have chosen a French reforestation project certified low carbon Label. The supported project is located in Vendée at Aizenay (85). It aims to afforest an abandoned agricultural area and will thus offer the local biodiversity a precious refuge as well as essential resources, more information here !



Facilitator of transition to hybrid and electric vehicles for Taxi and VTC drivers by providing them with additional income


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Support Bcorp labeled brands by offering specific rates that allow them to access the media at a lower cost

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Training internal teams on environmental issues and eco-design

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Flexibility of working hours (TT vs offices)